Jérémy Baudrin

Jérémy Baudrin,
web developer 🌙.

🤔 what i do

Hey i'm Jérémy, a 22 y/o french software engineer.

I design, build and publish projects of quality and reliability. currently, i’m working on tonight pass. I’m specialized in backend features. I love the way that the machine communicate with human and other machines, the way there’re all connected on networks and controls apps. I do a lot of graphql and i mainly work with nest.js framework.

On a personnal plan, i like to travels and visits monuments in historic cities, i like night activities, drinking and go to parties (my friends told me that i’m alcoholic but i'm just in love with good things imo). Otherwise i do sports like ski, table-tennis, running and musculation.

📍 where i’ve done it

  • Tonight Pass
    Booking service
    Tonight Pass

    Co-founder & Lead developer


    A platform and social media for nightlife events and parties.

  • onRuntime Studio
    Creative studio
    onRuntime Studio

    President & Developer


    onRuntime Studio is an association that i created with a friend, we constantly search for new collaborators. We work on a lot of projects for clients and for ourselves.

  • Musy
    Online game

    Co-founder & Lead developer


    Musy is a project that i created with a friend, it's an online app to play games about music thematics such as blindtests, quizzs, etc...

  • Need for School
    Digital school
    Need for School



    Need for School is a digital school that i decided to join. I learned a lot of things about good practices, creating a network of developers and entrepreuners.

  • Expat Facilities
    Travel company
    Expat Facilities

    Lead developer


    A platform for studends expats to find and review facilities in their city.

💻 how i do it

I highly leverage new bleeding-edge technologies and languages such as Next.JS, GraphQL or Elixir to stay on top of the game.

You can find a list of my most-used frameworks and languages below.



🤝 thank you !

Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you enjoyed your stay !

The source code for this website is available at github.com/jerembdn

📧 contact

You can contact me anytime on theses medias :

Otherwise you can also send me a mail at work@jeremybdn.fr

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